Global Environmental Problem

Recently I came across an article on thinning of Ozone layer due to passage of water vapor into the atmosphere. The thunderstorms occurring on earth can cause seepage of water vapor through a cyclic current into the lower strata of stratosphere. This water vapor acts as a catalyst to the chemical reaction of chlorofluorocarbons the harmful substances that cause weakening of ozone layer. The chlorofluorocarbons can destroy ozone layer through a chain reaction with the ozone. The materials got a ban that caused evaporation of the chlorofluorocarbons due to their harmful effect on the layer. Evaporation of such harmful substances can cause destruction of the layer more rapidly with water vapor from the thunderstorms. This is really a ring of alarm for the global environment.

This new finding in itself provides an idea of what cost can we pay if global warming is not controlled immediately. Ozone is a life blanket that envelopes the earth and prevents harmful ultraviolet rays from entering into the earth’s atmosphere. These ultraviolet rays once entered into the earth can cause skin cancer and can prove harmful to human health. Therefore, protection of ozone layer is critical to our very existence. The above cited recent finding by the scientists of theory of destruction of ozone from thunderstorms raises more concerns about our global environmental protection.

The occurring of thunderstorms is a natural phenomenon that occurs everywhere on the world. But how this natural phenomenon can cause environmental destruction was unforeseen in the past. But due to continuous carbonation of atmosphere by humans this is possible. The effects of this pollution caused by humans are in large proportions than one can imagine. It is necessary that such large effects caused by such factors be reported to environmental activists and people worldwide so that we become conscious of the harmful effects that could be caused by our day-to-day activities. A sense of awareness about the environment is crucial.