Exploring Careers in the Environmental Services

For individuals that want to take an active role in ensuring the health and general safety of people who reside in the community, a career in the environmental services industry may be the right choice. Normally, the goal of individuals working in environmental services is to prevent risks that rest in the community, and/or remove these types of risks. This helps to ensure the members of a community that they can lead safe and healthy lives. In this article, we will review various aspects of the careers in the environmental services.

Generally, there are at least three separate and unique types of careers in the environmental services. The first type of career offered is in the environmental health department. The second is that which rests in the department of business and the last is the waste and water management department. Each of these careers are extremely important in securing the best interests and safety of each and every individual within a specific community. Below, we will review various types of careers within each of these categories.

Environmental Health Department

The environmental health department is a very important unit within the environmental services. This department focuses on two main areas. Those areas are construction and inspections. In addition to these areas, they also specialize in providing special training to individuals within certain industries. For example, these department will ensure that all individuals who work in the industry of food service is properly trained in how to handle food, illnesses that stem from foods that are not prepared in a sanitized area and cooked properly, and personal hygiene. This particular department also interacts directly with individuals in the community. When a citizen issues a complaint, this is the division that will handle it.

Many times, individuals who conduct work in this particular establishment will inspect businesses in the community that serves food to the citizens of that area. They are looking to ensure that the business is properly sanitized, the employees are trained appropriately, food is being prepared properly, and that there are no concerns for the health of the individuals that eat in the business. If an issue arises that concerns illnesses related to food, then this department will conduct a thorough investigation to ensure that it is immediately resolved.

People who select careers in the environmental health department will perform a number of investigations. Many times, one will need to investigate various institutions that provide care to people. This may include hospitals, nursing homes, psychiatric units, and various other types of housing care facilities. If an issue arises, the individual conducting the investigation will work carefully with the business to ensure any and all specifications are met and adhered to.

Business Careers in Environmental Services

The business careers in environmental services are a very important section of this industry. Individuals who work within the business department often handle the complaints of citizens and businesses within the community. This particular career function allows an individual to work with the public and businesses regarding various complaints, keep a record of these complaints, and work with individuals in the environmental health department to ensure that the complaints are resolved.

The next function of the business department in environmental services is to conduct the issue of permits, and bill for services as necessary. This department also handles other financial situations, which includes collecting fees when it becomes necessary. These individuals may also be required to handle the payroll functions for the employees involved in environmental health services.

Waste Management & Water

Individuals that work in this department of environmental services work to ensure that the citizens of the community have safe drinking water. These employees often inspect systems that involve plumbing and wells for businesses and homes alike. Researching the community to ensure that exposure to diseases, mosquitoes, and various other types of vermin are also a common function of individuals within the scope of this particular department. It is not uncommon for these individuals to investigate common complaints regarding unsafe conditions, cluttered and dangerous areas, unsafe drinking water and well systems, as well as dumping in unapproved locations.


There are many entry-level positions= in environmental services offered in the US & Canada that simply require a diploma from high school. However, many positions require courses that are specific to the position. These courses may include the following:

1. Computer Management

2. Typing

3. Business Management

4. Environmental Health Studies

5. Psychology

6. Sociology

7. Business Mathematics

8. English

9. Hazardous Materials

10. Food Service Training

11. First Responder

As you can see, there are many different types of courses involved. If you are interested in working in the United States or Canada in environmental services, it is important to contact an agency directly in regards to education required, as well as employment compensations wages. Though most individuals in this career make as little as minimum wage, the maximum wage can be as much as nearly $20.00 per hour depending on job specialty.

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