A Primer on Environmental Medicine

In a world that has become increasingly toxic, the earth’s seven billion inhabitants are exposed to undetermined levels of chemicals and pollutants every day. Regardless of how industrialized the country may be or how clean a house looks, it is difficult to escape the influence and short or long-term effects of these chemicals and toxins that infiltrate the food, water and even air supply of the planet. Toxic substances from many different industrialized products run rampant in the environment, poisoning everything they come in contact with. Pollutants and chemicals have become engrained in everything from the plants and produce humans eat to animal byproducts. This is why so many new health problems have cropped up and become increasingly more dangerous all the time.

The interconnectedness of human existence with chemical toxins has given rise to a new branch of medicine called Environmental Medicine. Continue reading “A Primer on Environmental Medicine”

Virtual Environmental Education and Team Building

Surfing the Internet I discovered something new the other evening: “virtual environmental education and team building”. Apparently you can catch some pretty wild rides and achieve some serious bonding without leaving your couch!

Unfortunately, my old buddy John McKinstry never got to see it, the Internet that is. He had to settle for the real thing. Forty years ago we used to sit together on our boards at sunrise, waiting for the surf to come up. John was among the first to surf the big waves at Ghost Trees in my hometown of Pacific Grove. He had the courage to charge down the face of those massive forty footers, long before jet ski pull ins, or rather, pull outs. John pushed the limits of the possible and was an astronaut on a surfboard. Like many American pioneers he paid the ultimate price doing what he loved most.

I miss John, and a lot of other things that we enjoyed together, many of which are now paved over, but I particularly miss his questions. Once, as we passed a used car lot with a banner advertising “transportation cars”, John asked me: “What other kind of cars are there?” In this age of human induced climate change, that remains a great question.

So if we could ask John whether the experience of wild nature, or bonding with your fellow human beings, can really be replaced with virtual reality, what would he say? For that matter, let’s ask ourselves that question. But before we answer, perhaps we should ask our kids to tear their attention away from their video games, TV shows, computers and cell phones and ask them too. Continue reading “Virtual Environmental Education and Team Building”

Harmful Environmental Toxins and Beneficial Enzymes

Environmental toxins cause innumerable health hazards to humans as well as to our ecology. Enzymes on the other hand, are beneficial to health. How can you safe guard your body from the harm of environmental toxins? How do enzymes help to make your body strong? Read on to know more about the harmful toxins and healthy enzymes. Change your life style to make it healthier.

Environmental toxins have risen to a level which human body is not able to handle anymore! What is the plight of humanity if the issue is not addressed urgently and measures taken to control it? The World Health Organization is constantly and continually pointing fingers at environmental toxins as the prime reason for most of the diseases. In these circumstances what can we as humans do to make our body healthier?

Environmental toxins in recent times are chemicals, synthetic substances, different pollutants, pesticides etc. Human body stores these foreign elements beside the elimination system, in order to protect our body. The toxins build up in the fat of our body, resulting in many diseases.

Researches are being conducted to find out the causes for environmental toxins and for its cures. Meanwhile, we can resort to beneficial measures to lower the burden of toxins on our body and to flush away toxins that are already in our body. Body cleansing methods can improve your health and help body to function at its best. Unfortunately even the food stuffs we buy from market is low in nutrition as they are over cooked, over processed and over refined. The result is fatigue and weariness in us.  Continue reading “Harmful Environmental Toxins and Beneficial Enzymes”