An Introduction to Alternative Health Treatments

Treatment can be defined as a practice (or science) maintain and restore health through the study, diagnosis and treatment of patients. It can also be defined as the agents who treat the disease.

Although the definition I have used here stating that the Agency is treating the illness, most drugs are not currently treating the disease. Many only treating the symptoms of the disease. For example, a drug for arthritis usually treat pain without treating inflammation. Insulin and other drugs that control blood sugar levels do not cure you of your blood sugar problems. They only help control your blood sugar levels.

Unfortunately some of the alternative treatments do not cure the disease, however, they almost never have any side effects (unless you’re allergic) and is usually far more effective than modern medicine.

Almost anything can be considered as an alternative health treatment. Examples of alternative health care include: various forms of massage, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, and even yoga or meditation.

I can tell you that many scientists and doctors say that there is no scientific evidence that very little to support some of these treatments. There is no scientific evidence to support the “placebo effect” is good however, the placebo effect is widely recognized. From all that I’ve learned about clinical trials, scientists are trying to learn things in a “vacuum”. The study carried out using the criteria of inclusion and exclusion. One of the reasons for the criteria was the focus of the study, but sometimes the criteria to eliminate the factors that can affect the results of the research. One of these factors can take certain medications.

Because of the lack of credibility of some alternative medicine, some of them are now doing clinical trials. A product known as Peri-Gum (treating periodontal disease) is clinically proven to work. There is also some research conducted at John Hopkins to explain the health benefits of goji juice. Most of us know about the health benefits of certain foods and vitamins.

One of the problems with alternative health care is that it can be difficult to assess the quality of the service product. For example, did you know that vitamin supplements you are taking might not be soluble? If a pill is not soluble, it is certain you will not be able to subjugate them. To Test Your vitamin today, make a solution of equal parts water and vinegar and leave the pills in solution over night. If failing to disperse, demanding your money back. Because supplements are not regulated you can not be sure that the package even contains what the label says. There is a program started back in 2001 in which producers can submit their products to the United States Pharmacopeia for testing. If you find a certification mark on the USP products you buy, this means that the product meets the specific requirements for accuracy in labeling, purity and good manufacturing practices.

There are also some studies conducted on the value of health touch. Touch like stroking, patting or hug can stimulate the immune system. I also saw a lot of research has been done on the value of owning a pet. Some of the health benefits I’ve seen cited include: decreased blood pressure, lowering cholesterol levels and improve mental health.

There is one other alternative therapies that are worthy of mention in this article and it is “home remedies”. You should ask the mother or grandmother about it. They are very commonly used by many poor families before insurance became widely available. Here are two home remedies that I know of that has worked for me. This remedy for infections of the skin such as acne or boils. For Acne acne and rub cut potato, then leave on for 2 minutes and wash it off. To boil, peel potatoes and put the inside skin to boil and leave on overnight. My daughter also swear by the tea bags for acne. For warts, put the copper penny (if you can find one) into a small bowl filled with red wine vinegar. Every day rub the wart with pennies soaked several times a day. Finally the wart will dissolve and yes there will be a bit of blood. My mother did this to me when I was a kid and I had a lot of warts. I’m still years later do not have warts and I don’t have any scars either.

In conclusion, there are many alternatives to taking drugs but you need to find out about the quality of a product or service that you want to try. Please note this article is only for your information. I am not a licensed physician and therefore I, tida