Alternative Health Treatment – 5 Questions and Answers

1. Why do I have to look for alternative health care as a cure for my disease is realistic?

While Western medicine has advanced closely along with knowledge and experimentation with drugs as a way to treat illness and disease.

It is not surprising, therefore, that it is heavily dependent on drugs and medicines to treat the disease. But drugs and medications that are not natural to the human body, and there are always side effects, often detrimental.

Alternative health care is based entirely on natural remedy that does not involve drugs or materials produced or processed. Thus, it is always accepted by the body without a fight, so no energy is wasted in battle. It’s like swimming with the current instead of against it.

In addition, alternative health treatment have a very good record in curing the sick and disease, arguably a record better than Western medicine.

2. What about alternative health care is different in important respects from orthodox medical treatment?

Orthodox Western medicine is very dependent on the provision of drugs and medicines, and unnatural procedures such as chemotherapy for cancer victims. It is mainly focusing on symptoms rather than causes. A simple example is taking a pain killer for curing headaches.

Alternative medicine recognizes that the natural state of the body is one of good health, and that the body, mind and soul closely connected. He confessed that all the components of the whole must be in balance, and treating the disease as a sign that they are out of balance. It is therefore working to restore the balance of nature and, as such, good health. Headaches are cured by direct action on the affected area, for example with the techniques of acupressure.

3. Why don’t doctors and surgeons provide lighter weight alternative health treatments, and why not make progress more accepted by health agencies?

The medical establishment is mostly composed of doctors and surgeons. Put yourself in the position of a physician or surgeon. You spent seven grueling and expensive qualification a year and pass a difficult, and working long hours for the best paying mediocrity. You now have an encyclopedic knowledge of medicine and medical drugs and procedures, and enjoy financial career in medicine.

Then you learn there is an alternative system of medicine based on herbs, and practices such as acupuncture that claims to be able to handle a medical condition better than medicine you learn with costs such as money and time. What would your feelings be toward alternative medicines?

4. Alternative health treatment isn’t rooted in the past, and modern Western medicine with all the sophisticated technology of the road ahead?

More important than anything else is what effective treatment will cure certain ailments on your own.

Just because skills such as acupuncture, acupressure and yoga has been practiced for thousands of years in the far East that does not mean they are any less relevant today. Rather, it is a testament to their effectiveness.

Western medicine may have all the glittering modern technology but still the system developed and maintained by humans and subject to all faults and their failure. Yes, it can and does produce some stunning results and very useful, such as the operation of transplantation and prosthetic legs, but in the case of illness and complaints are common, sometimes simple is the best method.

5. Where the best alternative health treatments-herbal, contact types of physical treatment such as acupuncture or chiropractic, or supplements such as oils and enzymes?

It’s horses for courses. Different types of treatment best fits a wide variety of diseases. A general malaise, such as weight loss or gain, often the best can be treated through dietary changes and herbal remedies, plus the provision of exercise regime, while the constant muscle pain, such as back pain well treated by someone such as a chiropractor or osteopath, who can manipulate the bones and muscles so as to remove the root cause of the pain.